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Farm Casoi

The Farm “Casoi” was born in 2012 with the wish to spread the valueswe received from our family: passion for our land, respect for the environment, sense of tradition.

Breeding in selection of Suffolk race sheep.

The Suffolk race sheep are of British origin and they are insatiable devourer of grass. Despite their imposing aspect they are very tame, they get near persons and children particularly like them, as they come and pick the fodder from theur hands. They are very resistant and can live in the open air even in winter.They do not fear low temperatures and even when it rains or snows they seldom look for a shelter. Converseòy, they suffer a lot high temperatures.
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Breeeding of Tibetan race goats

It is a race with origins in Somalia. In Italy it is usually known as Small Tibetan goat even if this has nothing to do with its origins. It was introduced in Italy with an ornamental aim only and it spread out becoming a stable presence in zoos and in didactic farms. The most primitive feature of the race is a total brown coat. 
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Production and sale of olive oil

Since the sixties the olive grove in Casoi locality has always produced olive oil enough for the use of the family.
Only recently (in 2013)the production of olive oil has been transformed from exclusive family use to production for sale.

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Azienda agricola Casoi

di Nadia Borghesi in località Casoi, Sale Marasino (BS)
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