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Olive Oil Azienda Agricola Casoi

Azienda Agricola Casoi

Production and sale of olive oil

The Farm “Casoi” was founded in 2012 with the desire of spreading the values that we received from our family: passion for care of the land, respect for the environment, a sense of tradition. Since the 60s the olive trees grown in Casoi locality has always produced olive oil in sufficient quantities to meet family needs. Only recently (in 2013) the production of oil has shifted from an exclusively family use to a production for sale as well. Our own “ingredients” for the production of extra virgin olive oil that preserves the best organoleptic characteristics are: dedication to olive tree maintenance, lack of use of chemical products, hand-picking of the olives, local pressing and bottling facilities.
So we can guarantee a healthy and natural product as the one our parents used to give us.

For more information on how our extravergin olive oil is produced and pressed, contact us!

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Azienda agricola Casoi

di Nadia Borghesi in località Casoi, Sale Marasino (BS)
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