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Goats Tibetan race

Azienda Agricola Casoi

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Morphological Characteristics

The Tibetan goats are also known as miniature goats, and they are particularly lively animals and loving to chase and jump. They are quite rustic but they need protection from strong winds, rain and snow. The females goats are extremely docile, but males can sometimes show some aggressiveness. The color of their coat can be of various colors. According to the race cross the height at the withers can vary from 40 to 60 cm and the average weight of adults ranges from 20 to 30 kg. Females are always slightly smaller than the male. Both males and females have short and thin horns. They mate in mid-fall. The male at this time has a strong smell due to secreted hormonal substances and the fact thet he sprinkles his hair with the urine. Approximately 150 days after fertilization the small goats are born, one for primiparous females, 2 in the other. Trigeminal births Rare rare but not exceptional. About a month before the birth, the female begin to grow breasts and a few days before the happy event the female keeps herself side from the group waiting for the birth. The weight of newborn kids ranges from 1 Kg to 1,5 Kg and after 12 weeks it will be weaned.



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