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Sheep Suffolk race

Pecore razza suffolk

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Morphological characteristics

They have a very large size, the fleece thick and white, black head and naked limbs and blacks, they have no horns. This race is a ‘good producer of meat. In fact they do not produce milk unless for the lamb. Their meat is ‘lean and highly digestible. Males reach from 120 kg to 140 kg and over, while females from 75 kg to 90 kg. Females have an excellent fertility. This breed can give birth to one to three lambs. The Suffolk go into heat in the period from September to October and births occur after 21 weeks from the coupling (February-March). The lambs are born all black and after a few weeks they begin to clear up to be like their mother. After 4-5 weeks from birth, lambs begin to eat even the grass, while continuing to be nursed, and may already exceed 30 kg in weight. From the second month of life the lambs must be separated from their mothers in order to stop lactation early and avoid that they dedicate too many resources to breastfeeding; lambs otherwise would continue to breastfeed up to 4-5 months. Shearing is very important for the animal’s well-being and should be done in early spring (late March-April) or as soon as there is a sudden change of temperature. Over the particularly hot years, a second shearing can be made even in late July. Shearing has to be done with very dry wool, not wet with the dew of the morning. Simultaneously to shearing, the hooves need to be checked and, if necessary,they must be trimmed using good scissors. Control of the hooves has also to be done at the end of September. Moreover a tapeworm treatment is needed in May and September.


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